Super Bowl Ticket prices in the NFL Game’s History

Super Bowl LVII NFL Tickets Prices in History
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YearSuper BowlTicket cost (Avg)Adjusted for inflationMatchup
19671$12$105Packers vs. Chiefs
19682$12$100Packers vs. Raiders
19693$12$96Jets vs. Colts
19704$15$113Chiefs vs. Vikings
19715$15$108Colts vs. Cowboys
19726$15$105Cowboys vs. Dolphins
19737$15$99Dolphins vs. Redskins
19748$15$89Dolphins vs. Vikings
19759$20$109Steelers vs. Vikings
197610$20$103Steelers vs. Cowboys
197711$20$97Raiders vs. Vikings
197812$30$135Cowboys vs. Broncos
197913$30$121Steelers vs. Cowboys
198014$30$107Steelers vs. Rams
198115$40$129Raiders vs. Eagles
198216$40$12149ers vs. Bengals
198317$40$118Redskins vs. Dolphins
198418$60$169Raiders vs. Redskins
198519$60$16349ers vs. Dolphins
198620$75$200Bears vs. Patriots
198721$75$193Giants vs. Broncos
198822$100$247Redskins vs. Broncos
198923$100$23649ers vs. Bengals
199024$125$28049ers vs. Broncos
199125$150$322Giants vs. Bills
199226$150$313Redskins vs. Bills
199327$175$354Cowboys vs. Bills
199428$175$346Cowboys vs. Bills
199529$200$38449ers vs. Chargers
199630$350$653Cowboys vs. Steelers
199731$275$501Packers vs. Patriots
199832$275$494Broncos vs. Packers
199933$325$571Broncos vs. Falcons
200034$325$552Rams vs. Titans
200135$325$537Ravens vs. Giants
200236$400$651Patriots vs. Rams
200337$500$795Buccaneers vs. Raiders
200438$600$930Patriots vs. Panthers
200539$600$899Patriots vs. Eagles
200640$700$1,016Steelers vs. Seahawks
200741$700$988Colts vs. Bears
200842$900$1,223Giants vs. Patriots
200943$1,000$1,364Steelers vs. Cardinals
201044$1,000$1,342Saints vs. Colts
201145$1,200$1,561Packers vs. Steelers
201246$1,200$1,529Giants vs. Patriots
201347$1,250$1,570Ravens vs. 49ers
201448$1,500$1,854Seahawks vs. Broncos
201549$2,111$2,607Patriots vs. Seahawks
201650$2,500$3,048Broncos vs. Panthers
201751$2,500$2,985Patriots vs. Falcons
201852$2,500$2,914Eagles vs. Patriots
201953$2,557$2,927Patriots vs. Rams
202054$3,488$3,944Chiefs vs. 49ers
202155$4,000$4,320Chiefs vs. Buccaneers
202256$5,823$6,289*Bengals vs. Rams
202357$5,596Chiefs vs. Eagles

* Based on average 8.0 rate of inflation for 2023 calendar year, per U.S. inflation calculator.

The average ticket price for Sunday’s game, according to StubHub, is $8,869, which would be the highest average for secondary market tickets in the Super Bowl’s 56-year history 

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