The Indian Cricket Fans, Loving, Passionate That He Maybe, Needs To Grow Up!

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Indian Cricket Fans: When the Indian cricket team loses a mega ICC event such as the World Cup, reactions come, broadly speaking, from two types of fans.

First are fans who understand a basic fact of life that to err is human. So they stop feeling bad after sometime, however sad the outcome and for sure fans who love their cricketers ought to feel bad.

This bunch of the Indian cricket fans who feel the pain, spare the horrible behaviour that may adversely affect the already hurt; the cricketers, just to clarify. 

But these aren’t the only ones; there are also legions of fans, who are basically no different than attackers, except that rioters use weapons, but these deploy temper. 

If you come to think of it, this temper, which could be hatred, takes over social media to create a bloodbath of emotions. 

Nothing is held back. 

So bitter becomes their “self expression” that events like painting their own favourite cricketers’ homes black in disgust have actually happened. 

And when not home painting, which isn’t some creative exercise in this case, things like stonewalling those very athletes’ homes, which they claimed love for, takes place.  

It happened, as per reports, in 2007 to the Indian Cricket Team members after the loss to Bangladesh under Dravid’s captaincy. 

It may likely happen again someday if such unacceptable behaviour of fans goes unchecked. 

Not that the fans of Pakistan are any less passionate. 

But truth be told, they’ve, at least, not run horrible ads such as the Mauka-Mauka campaign, which as of 2021, were still very much hogging the Indian ad space. 

Remember the 2021 T20 World Cup

Creativity is fun and uplifting even; but alluding to disdain towards Pakistan, which seems to be the case watching the Mauka Mauka advertisements, is a bit too much. 

Is it not? 

One wonders, who was the copywriter who came up with such pathetic standards of creativity all in a bid to convey a brand’s ethos? 

Rather, was the client (brand) really not thinking at all when he or she approved such loathsome work of creativity? 

Who on earth has given us Indians the right to feel superior over a cricket team that did, in fact, beat us fair and square in 2021? 

Can we, just for a change, not realise the very basic fundamental truth of life that aggression isn’t the only thing in life and that there are ways to stoke emotions, that needn’t boil down to borderline insult? 

Truth be told, there’s a vital lesson in India losing the T20 World Cup despite the brilliant heroics of Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav and Hardik Pandya and Bhuvnes Kumar. 

And it’s that it is about time that the fan learnt a key lesson; that there’s something called self control over and above a wile display of emotions. 

Yes, we all love it when India wins. We do. It brings us joy akin to the indescribable happiness one feels when placing one’s head over the mother’s lap.  

But what good is that emotional expression, which in events such as huge defeats- and the one to England was mammoth- leads down to venom spewing from the tongue? 

Have we completely forgotten in this age of social media overdrive that to be graceful and calm are still very much free of cost? 

And that maybe our obsessive love for our cricketers is reaching an extent where we simply cannot hold ourselves back from abusing them over a public platform. 

Is some divine intervention is being awaited to learn some basic manners? 

Sure, we come from the land of the iconic Kohli where fearlessness and explicit show of emotions are (often) a way of life. 

But, have we completely forgotten that this is the land of Rahul Dravid as well, where being graceful in defeat and chivalrous in victory is still very much possible? 

The great Matt Hayden once clearly said, “if you really wish to see aggression, see it in the eyes of Rahul Dravid!”

For quite often a sentiment can be echoed without one having to stoop to a level where wild abuses are deployed. 

Lastly, what are we even becoming if we are ourselves becoming the troll we so hate in real life? 

Maybe, just maybe, there’s sense in taking control of one’s passions, however honest, and not degrade our neighbours whose cricket team, by the way, isn’t a terrorist. 

Direct hate where it’s due; towards terrorism for there’s absolutely no place at all for unbecoming and violent acts that lead to bloodshed in modern democracy. 

But let us remember, there’s so much space for forgiveness and oneness both on and off the cricket field Indian Cricket Fans.  

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