IPL 2020 Spectators Uncertainty

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IPL 2020 Spectators Uncertainty: Uncertainty over spectators to watch Indian Premier League (IPL): Doubtful about the Spectators to watch IPL in Stadium due to Covid19 Cases increased recently.

IPL 2020 Spectators Uncertainty / Doubtful

Now the UAE Government has implemented a strong action against the people who is violating the law for Social Distancing and providing safety for others in the community.

IPL 2020 is going to start in just 4 days, the league was moved from India to UAE. However due to the safety and standard measurement, most probably fans will not be allowed for IPL2020.

In the recent past, ECB has confirmed that they are hopeful for allowing the fans to watch live. They are also working with the BCCI and IPL organisers, event management team.

IPL 2020 in the state of epistemic situations involving imperfect or unknown information about the fans to be allowed or not.

The stadium in UAE:

Allowing fans for IPL 2020 is a risk.

entire IPL 2020 could take place in empty stands

There is a possibilities for allowing fans in the end of October, in case of any control over COVID19

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