Ravindra Jadeja picks up 7-fer in comeback match vs Australia 2nd Test – Fall of Wickets

Jadeja Seven-Fer IND VS AUS 2023
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Jadeja picks up 7-fer: India and Australia faced off in the second Test of the series, with India needing a win to lead the series. The second innings saw Ravindra Jadeja take seven wickets, leading India to an emphatic victory.

The highlight of the innings was when Jadeja bowled out Australian batsman Kuhnemann with a perfect delivery. This was his seventh wicket in the match, and it brought an end to Australia’s innings.

Ravindra Jadeja12.114273.45

Jadeja was all smiles after taking his seven-fer, which is no surprise considering that he had single-handedly turned around India’s fortunes in this match. His performance will certainly be remembered for a long time to come! Check out the complete 7 wickets of Jadeja.

Jadeja picks up 7-fer

Wicket NoWicket DeailsWicket
7Jadeja to Kuhnemann, out Bowled!! Jadeja is all smiles and why not. He has finished the innings with a seven-fer. Kuhnemann goes for a reverse-sweep and drags it back on off the glove. Kisses the glove and falls on the stumps. Australia mopped up for 113.Kuhnemann b Jadeja 0(2)
6Jadeja to Lyon, out Bowled!! Jadeja has six. Full outside off, Lyon goes for a big drive, away from the body, the thick inside-edge takes out the leg-stump. India on their way to mopping up the Australians.Lyon b Jadeja 8(21) [4s-1]
5Jadeja to Carey, out Bowled!! Jadeja breaks through again. He roars in delight. A fifer for him. Another premeditated shot from Carey and yet another Australian batter pays the price. Was fired on leg-stump, Carey had already decided he would play the reverse-sweep, misses, the ball pitches and goes over the bat and knocks out leg-stump.Carey b Jadeja 7(10) [4s-1]
4Jadeja to Cummins, out Bowled!! What a brainfade from Cummins. He has perished trying a slogsweep to a straight delivery, he has not got the pad in the way as a second line of defence as well, tries a big slog and the ball keeps low, skids and crashes into the stumps. That is a shot which is totally unbecoming of an Australian captain considering the game situation. Jadeja on a hat-trick.Cummins b Jadeja 0(1)
3Jadeja to Handscomb, out Caught by Kohli!! Handscomb goes and Australia are in deep strife now. Nicely tossed up outside off, Handscomb gets forward to drive and the turn takes the outside-edge, easy catch to slip. Handscomb did not get fully to the pitch and did not cover the line as well. Jadeja also slowed it down and that enabled him to get turn.Handscomb c Kohli b Jadeja 0(3)
2Jadeja to Labuschagne, out Bowled!! Labuschagne has been done by the arm-ball. Jadeja gets it quicker and Labuschagne has misjudged the length, goes on the back foot to defend, the ball skids through and keeps low as well, the ball brushes the bottom-edge on the way to fall on the stumps. Rohit and Jadeja celebrate with clenched fists. That’s a big wicket and India on top now.Labuschagne b Jadeja 35(50) [4s-5]
1Jadeja to Khawaja, out Caught by Shreyas Iyer!! A cheeky dab and Khawaja has paddled one straight into the hands of Shreyas at leg gully, not sure if this was a trap, but Khawaja has fallen right into it. A big wicket, Khawaja was the man in form and could’ve wrested the initiative away from India’s grasp. Was pushed through by RJ and the paddle was on, just that Khawaja didn’t place it into a gap, came at chest high and Shreyas did well to hang on.Khawaja c Shreyas Iyer b Jadeja 6(13) [4s-1]

Jadeja picks up 7-fer: Ravindra Jadeja picks up 7 wickets against Australia in comeback match. Jadeja took a 7-wicket haul against Australia in Mastercard Test Series 2023.


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