Twitter Reactions Akash Chopra vs Venkatesh Prasad: Venkatesh Prasad Criticises Aakash Chopra over the KL Rahul discussion

Akash chopra vs Venkatesh Prasad
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Twitter Reactions Akash Chopra vs Venkatesh Prasad: Former India fast bowler Venkatesh Prasad slammed Aakash Chopra, saying the former opener had conveniently misquoted him in his YouTube programme on Tuesday on the KL Rahul argument. Prasad issued a vehement comment on Twitter, criticising Chopra for implying that the fast bowler had a personal vendetta towards Rahul.

Venkatesh Prasad has been harshly critical of KL Rahul’s deteriorating play in Test cricket. Prasad slammed Rahul and even accused him of ‘favouritism’ in the Indian squad, claiming that Rahul did not deserve a spot in the Indian Test XI. Prasad even said in a series of tweets that despite playing well as openers for India in the past, Mayank Agarwal and Shikhar Dhawan did not receive lengthy ropes like Rahul.

Even while the Border-Gavaskar Trophy match between India and Australia got underway in Delhi, Prasad continued to bash Rahul. Chopra had reacted to Prasad’s post, telling the former fast bowler not to tweet about Rahul during the match.

Chopra went on to claim that Prasad used Mayank, Dhawan, and Shubman Gill’s figures to support his thesis regarding KL Rahul. Chopra dug into the stats that Prasad published on Twitter in a video titled ‘How Terrible is KL Rahul’s Test Form?’ and argued against them while supporting Rahul.

“So my friend Aakash Chopra after making a vile video on YouTube this morning where he calls me an agenda peddle, conveniently and cleverly misquotes me, removes Mayank’s average of 70 at home, wants to gag views which are not in line with what he believes but wanted Rohit out,”

“I have no agenda against any player, maybe there are others who have. Difference of opinion is fine but calling contrary views as apna personal agenda and Twitter par mat laayein is funny for @cricketaakash, considering he has made a great career by airing his views”.

“have nothing against KL or any other player, my voice has been against unfair selection and different yardsticks for performers. Be it Sarfaraz or Kuldeep, have voiced based on merit. But it was disappointing to see Aakash calling it personal agenda”.

Venkatesh Prasad

Venkatesh Prasad also stated vs Akash chopra that he does not feel a player should be reprimanded during a game.

“And the argument that we should not criticise a player in an ongoing match personally doesn’t make sense to me. That doesn’t affect the players performance. Most players don’t read views even after the match and no player can read in between match as phones are deposited,”

“I admire Aakash for the hardwork he puts on his YouTube channel but calling a different view point as agenda because it doesn’t suit his narrative is poor. There is no bitterness between us and since his video was in public domain wanted to put my point out here,”

Venkatesh Prasad

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