Why India vs Pakistan ticket is always in demand?

Why India vs Pakistan match is always in demand?
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India vs Pakistan Ticket in Demand?: A spicy contest is round the corner in the cricket world. The fans are gearing up for a memorable game of cricket as India will kick start their campaign in the Asia Cup 2023 with a battle against Pakistan. The two teams have been a part of some of the most thrilling cricket matches.

There is no denying that the fans from both teams will go crazy on the game day. Millions of people, irrespective of their age, will be glued to their television and phone screens to ensure that their team defeats the neighboring country.

The Ticket price for the India Vs Pakistan (IND vs PAK) clash starts at Rs 2500 ($30.00) for the Asia Cup 2023 high-octane match in Sri Lanka.

It is also no surprise that the fans of the losing side will not be taking the defeat on the chin. The players losing the game will have to be prepared to face anything and everything from the cricket enthusiasts in the name of trolling and criticism.

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Renowned ticket booking website, Platinumlist, crashes 

India vs Pakistan ticket: The craze for India vs Pakistan fixtures can be judged by the recent crashing of the Platinumlist portal. The website is responsible for providing tickets to cricket fans for the Asia Cup in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The tickets for the marquee event were scheduled to go live on Monday. However, the process had to be stopped in between as the website crashed due to high demand. Indian and Pakistani citizens are going berserk to watch the two teams play.

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Political Tension between India and Pakistan

While there are a lot of reasons for the bad blood between India and Pakistan, political influence tops the list. Ever since the partition in 1947, the two nations haven’t seen eye to eye. There is always some kind of tension going on between the two nations.

Asia Cup 2023 Rivalries
Asia Cup 2023 Rivalries

The militant attacks in India and the fight over Kashmir have only added fuel to an already burning fire. Moreover, the political issues transcended the game of cricket as well. The emotions of both the fans and the players are always at their peak while playing against each other. 

No bilateral series between India and Pakistan

Why India vs Pakistan match is always in demand?
Why India vs Pakistan match is always in demand?

IND vs PAK: There is no communication between the two neighboring nations in any manner. The same approach has been adopted in the gentleman’s game as well. Since 2013, the two teams haven’t played against each other in any bilateral series.

The Men in Blue lock horns with the Men in Green only during the ICC events or the Asia Cup matches. Pakistan last toured India for a three-match ODI series that ended with them winning by 2-1. The two-match T20I series had resulted in a tie of 1-1.

Since there are no bilateral clashes between India and Pakistan, fans are always eager for their meet in the ICC tournaments and Asia Cup. There is always anticipation and excitement between the fans for the high-voltage clash.

Surreal viewership numbers for India vs Pakistan

Lastly, what makes India vs Pakistan match even more relevant is the crazy viewership numbers. During the 2019 World Cup, the clash between the two nations was adjudged as the most watched game of the event. 

India-Vs-Pakistan-Asia Cup 2023
India-Vs-Pakistan-Asia Cup 2023

A total of 273 million people tuned in to their television screens while 50 million people streamed the game on digital platforms. The same was the case with the T20 World Cup last year as well. The highly anticipated clash had garnered a record viewership of 167 million. 

All being said, India will be eager to take on Pakistan in the Asia Cup. The team will have to avenge their ten-wicket loss against the Men in Green in the T20 World Cup last year. 

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