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Download ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 Schedule/Fixture PDF

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Download ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 Schedule/Fixture PDF: Just one click Download and Save on your Desktop or on your mobile. Easy access to check and verify the time table for the entire tournament on the go.

Download the Full Schedule of T20 World Cup in PDF File

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T20 World Cup Schedule for 2021 Online

17-Oct3:30 PMMuscatOman vs Papua New GuineaRound 1
17-Oct7:30 PMMuscatBangladesh vs ScotlandRound 1
18-Oct3:30 PMAbu DhabiIreland vs the NetherlandsRound 1
18-Oct7:30 PMAbu DhabiSri Lanka vs NamibiaRound 1
19-Oct3:30 PMMuscatScotland vs Papua New GuineaRound 1
19-Oct7:30 PMMuscatOman vs BangladeshRound 1
20-Oct3:30 PMAbu DhabiNamibia vs the NetherlandsRound 1
20-Oct7:30 PMAbu DhabiSri Lanka vs IrelandRound 1
21-Oct3:30 PMMuscatBangladesh vs Papua New GuineaRound 1
22-Oct7:30 PMMuscatOman vs ScotlandRound 1
22-Oct3:30 PMAbu DhabiNamibia vs IrelandRound 1
22-Oct7:30 PMAbu DhabiSri Lanka vs the NetherlandsRound 1
23-Oct3:30 PMAbu DhabiAustralia vs South AfricaSuper 12
23-Oct7:30 PMAbu DhabiEngland vs West IndiesSuper 12
24-Oct3:30 PMSharjahBangladesh Vs Sri LankaSuper 12
24-Oct7:30 PMDubaiIndia vs PakistanSuper 12
25-Oct07:30 PM SharjahAfghanistan vs ScotlandSuper 12
26-Oct3:30 PMDubaiSouth Africa vs West IndiesSuper 12
26-Oct7:30 PMSharjahPakistan vs New ZealandSuper 12
27-Oct3:30 PMAbu DhabiEngland vs BangladeshSuper 12
27-Oct7:30 PMAbu DhabiScotland Vs NamibiaSuper 12
28-Oct7:30 PMDubaiAustralia vs Sri LankaSuper 12
29-Oct3:30 PMSharjahWest Indies vs BangladeshSuper 12
29-Oct7:30 PMDubaiAfghanistan vs PakistanSuper 12
30-Oct3:30 PMSharjahSouth Africa vs Sri LankaSuper 12
30-Oct7:30 PMDubaiEngland vs AustraliaSuper 12
31-Oct12:30 PMAbu DhabiAfghanistan vs NamibiaSuper 12
31-Oct7:30 PMDubaiIndia vs New ZealandSuper 12
01-Nov7:30 PMSharjahEngland vs Sri LankaSuper 12
02-Nov3:30 PMAbu DhabiSouth Africa vs BangladeshSuper 12
02-Nov7:30 PMAbu DhabiPakistan vs NamibiaSuper 12
03-Nov3:30 PMDubaiNew Zealand vs ScotlandSuper 12
03-Nov7:30 PMAbu DhabiIndia vs AfghanistanSuper 12
04-Nov3:30 PMDubaiAustralia vs BangladeshSuper 12
04-Nov7:30 PMAbu DhabiWest Indies vs Sri LankaSuper 12
05-Nov3:30 PMSharjahNew Zealand vs NamibiaSuper 12
05-Nov7:30 PMDubaiIndia vs ScotlandSuper 12
06-Nov3:30 PMAbu DhabiAustralia vs West IndiesSuper 12
06-Nov7:30 PMSharjahEngland vs South AfricaSuper 12
07-Nov3:30 PMAbu DhabiNew Zealand vs AfghanistanSuper 12
07-Nov7:30 PMSharjahPakistan vs ScotlandSuper 12
08-Nov7:30 PMDubaiIndia vs NamibiaSuper 12
10-Nov7:30 PMAbu DhabiSemi-Final 1Play-off
11-Nov7:30 PMDubaiSemi-Final 2Play-off
14-Nov7:30 PMDubaiFinalFinal
T20 World Cup Schedule for 2021

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