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Indian Players Beat India against New Zealand

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Indian Players Beat India: “Indian players had their bitter intensity, worst body language, and they created pressure on fan from the first over on wards”. Indian Players not brave enough with Bat or Ball or Body Language – Virat Kohli. Their body language, or the way they batted in this tournament either with Pakistan or New Zealand is not a good sign of Indian cricket, It is not our Indian Cricket team what we have seen know till last month. They are not the same team as we have seen in the past. We had lost many matches and trophy in the past but with passion, tried our best till the end. However, the way lost the matches against Pakistan and New Zealand is not the approach we were too look for.

Analysis: Why India Lost 2-0 In Dubai Against Pakistan and New Zealand

We takes a closer look at the factors behind India’s 2-0 lost in this T20 World Cup 2021 defeat in Dubai against Pakistan as well New Zealand.

Purely a batting Issue. Nothing to complain about the bowling unit for both the loss. It wouldn’t be fair to lay the blame for this defeat at the bowlers. However, the ability of the batter to deal with that threat was certainly not with Indian Team this time. Without any second thought, the batting failure was the most impact which is contributed to India’s defeat to be honest. Simply we can say in a word as “Indian Players Beat India.” Nothing more or nothing less to explain.

Of course, India’s batter going overseas and struggling has been an issue for a while however we played enough cricket in Dubai in the recent Indian Premier League 2021. Yet the extent of the difficulty that Indian Batters – and the key players themselves – have had on this tour is still rather surprising.

Things started derailing for India from the start right from the toss:

India lost the toss in the start and lost the match in the End. But the thing is not happy with the way how Indian players shows the spirit for the same. They all are showing more passionate games in the IPL not in the World Cup which is they are playing for the nation not for the franchise. Indian players beat India without being brave enough to play for the nation during the tough time where victory is much needed and crucial to move forward.

T20 World Cup 2021 after IPL 2021:

They played more games in UAE for IPL 2021, Pitch condition, climate and atmosphere is favour for them as they have been in UAE for more time than any other team in the world. They got the plenty of opportunity to understand the condition here in Dubai. They are capable of learning a lot of things from the Cricketer point of view. Why this loss is showing their bad side of the cricket or not brave enough to fight for the nation? Will they accepted their defeat or not willing to play their match for the nation?

Do you know the headlines from Money control how they described this match result of India vs New Zealand?

OMG! Ruthless New Zealand bury India with clinical performance. New Zealand have pushed India to the danger zone of being knocked out. As a Indian cricket fan, our heart is become so heavyweight after seeing the consecutive lost against Pakistan and New Zealand in the most important tournament as well as must win match.

Virat Kohli agreed that our Indian players are not brave enough. He mentioned as “India were not ‘brave enough with bat or ball’ against New Zealand”. Perfectly accepting his mistake as a team as a captain and agreed for their worst side.

India had their bitter intensity, worst body language, and they created pressure on fans from the first over on wards:

Two matches into their T20 World Cup campaign, India are winless and on the brink of elimination. “Quite bizarre. To be very honest and brutal up front, I don’t think we were brave enough with bat or ball,”

“With the ball, I mean, obviously we didn’t have much to play with, but we were just not brave enough with our body language when we entered the field, and New Zealand had better intensity, better body language, and they created pressure on us from the first over on wards, really, and continued that through the innings.”

Every time we felt like we want to take a chance [while batting], we lost a wicket. That happens in T20 cricket, but that’s most probably or most often the result of that little bit of hesitation with the bat, when you feel like should you go for the shot or not.” — Kohli told during the post-match presentation.

Very disappointing from India. NZ were amazing. India’s body language wasn’t great, poor shot selection & like few times in the past, New Zealand have virtually ensured we won’t make it to the next stage. This one will hurt India & time for some serious introspection – Tweet by Virender Sehwag #IndvsNZ

So irritating to watch our cricket players playing their roles so well in the ad films but playing so poorly on the field. Seems all of them want to make their careers as actors not as cricketers. – Fan

Not enough on any surface….. Harsha Bogle. I’ll say it again. You just have to admire the way #KaneWilliamson and @BLACKCAPS play cricket.

An Indian Beat India vs New Zealand:

Ish Sodhi highlighted the slow nature of the pitch in Dubai after India struggled to reach a respectable total against New Zealand in their Super 12 match on Sunday. New Zealand’s Ish Shodi grabbed a couple in a dominating bowling performance for the day against India. He is basically an India and settled in New Zealand. Sodhi was born in Ludhiana, India. He moved to South Auckland, New Zealand with his family when he was four years old. 

Still India can bounce back:

Indian Players Beat India against Pakistan and New Zealand. All the cricket fans of India is supporting Indian cricket team during the tough time. They are all express their agony during the loss but they still their team. Love their nation. Still we believe in Men in Blue to come back strong enough. We love cricket. India is the country where Cricket is more than a religion. People treat Sachin, Virat, Dhoni as a greatest person in the nation.

We negative and positive words only about the mistake or the loss about Indian Cricket team. But we are always loves the Men in Blue, Indian Cricket Team. We love you all to see as strong as before. Come as a Hero of the nation, believe in yourself and prove yourself to the nation and the world you are greater than the great!!!

We are not yet exit from the tournament, we have a chance and we still believe in Indian Team, We will come back and make it better!

We love to see India in Semi-finals and Final. Still they are capable enough to change this day emotion and make it as a happiest ending! Looking forwards to a brave team in the Next Level!!!

Love you India, Love Cricket!

Loving Fan from India

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