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T20 World Cup: ‘Mauka Mauka’ ad is back

Mauka Mauka

Mauka Mauka‘ is back as fans eye Virat Kohli vs Babar Azam encounter. India Vs Pakistan will be playing for the first match of ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 in Dubai.

Mauka Mauka is a 2015 Indian television advertisement campaign created by Star Sports (Indian TV network) to promote its broadcast of the 2015 Cricket World. Now for 2021 ICC T20 World Cup, ESPN coming back with the another ad treat for Indian Cricket Fans. ESPN Brings Back Iconic ‘Mauka Mauka‘ Ad Campaign Ahead of India vs Pakistan Clash is just a Part of cricketing folklore.

T20 World Cup: New Mauka Mauka ad goes viral

Mauka Mauka’ 2.0 ad has been doing the rounds on social media ahead of India’s T20 World Cup clash with Pakistan on October 24 in Dubai. Tickets for the match was already sold. Ind Vs Pak class in T20 World Cup is the most excited and expected match of the Year and it is going to be the High Octane, power pack match with lots of cricket. The Mauka Mauka guy is in Dubai shopping for a big TV only for the Indian store to reveal a “Buy 1, Break 1” offer. Because India has beaten Pakistan each of the five times at the tournament, it makes sense for our neighbour to break a TV in anger; the crackers have long gone kaput.

This time Mauka Mauka version 2.0 is back after 6 years and it is going to be the new tagline of ‘Buy 1 Break 1 Free’ Naya (New) Offer. Mauka Mauka is back!! ICC T20 Cricket World Cup 2021 #maukamauka #cricket #t20 #t20worldcup #shorts

‘Mauka Mauka’: Wondering how some of ICC World Cup most-liked ads were created

It’s not just results; ESPN need to be in touch with the sentiment and continue the emotions. The campaign has become like a miniseries, a show where they come up with an episode at a time even after 6 years, it just amazing to see ad back with ‘Buy 1 and Break 1’ Free.

A huge eyeball grabbing event like the Cricket World Cup makes it fairly easy to predict the advertising that will surround it.

The earlier commercial featured a Pakistani cricket fan, who bought a box of firecrackers back in 1992 to celebrate the country’s win against India but was unable to use them even till 2021. Will he finally burst his crackers in this ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Tournament 2021 in Dubai?? Mauka Mauka…

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