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The Legacy of Oskar Sala

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The life and impact of a great musical genius

Oskar Sala was a 20th-century German physicist, composer and a pioneer of electronic music.

One of the most important figures and pioneers of electronic music of the 20th century was Oskar Sala (1910–2002).

The Road to the Synthesizer

The Trautonium is still considered the precursor to the synthesizer to this day.


Sala was born on July 18, 1910 in Greiz, Thuringia and came from a very musical family. His mother Annemarie (1887–1959) worked as a singer, and his father Paul (1874–1932) was an ophthalmologist who fostered his musical talent.

Oskar Sala Life

In 1995, Sala made his mixture Trautonium available to the Deutsches Museum on permanent loan

Deutsches Museum

In 2000, he donated his estate to the Deutsches Museum.

Deutsches Museum

He remained the only Trautonium player throughout his life.

Deutsches Museum

Sala died on February 26, 2002 in Berlin

Oskar Sala

1910 - 2002