Ashwin and Jadeja Toughest Challenge Examining the Most Runs Conceded Together in Cricket History

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In the world of Test cricket, Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja are known for their spin prowess, often tormenting opposition batsmen. However, there have been instances when even the best bowlers find themselves on the receiving end. Let’s delve into a unique occurrence – the most runs conceded by Ashwin and Jadeja while playing together in a Test match.

In the annals of Test cricket, the duo of Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja stands out as one of the most formidable spin partnerships. Yet, there are rare instances when even the best bowlers face challenging days on the field. The particular scenario we explore revolves around the most runs conceded by Ashwin and Jadeja while playing together in a Test match.

Most Runs Conceded Together

Colombo Carnage (VS SL, 2017)

  • In a Test match against Sri Lanka in Colombo in 2017, Ashwin and Jadeja experienced a tough outing.
  • The duo conceded a combined total of 437 runs, showcasing the challenges faced by even the premier spinners.

Hyderabad Heat (VS ENG, 2024)

  • The year 2024 witnessed another rare occurrence when Ashwin and Jadeja struggled against England in Hyderabad.
  • They conceded a combined total of 413 runs, highlighting a challenging phase for the spin twins.

Most Runs Conceded by Ashwin and Jadeja Playing Together

OppositionVenueYearRuns Conceded
vs SLColombo2017437
vs ENGHyderabad2024413


  • The instances in Colombo and Hyderabad serve as anomalies in Ashwin and Jadeja’s otherwise stellar performances.
  • Despite conceding plenty, the spin twins have been instrumental in India’s success in Test cricket during the World Test Championship (2023-2025).
  • Colombo (2017) and Hyderabad (2024) mark instances where Ashwin and Jadeja conceded the most runs together.
  • A table provides a snapshot of the opposition, venue, year, and runs conceded in each instance.
  • Despite challenges, Ashwin and Jadeja remain pivotal in India’s Test success during the World Test Championship.
  • The anomalies serve as a reminder that even the best bowlers encounter tough days in the unpredictable world of Test cricket.

While Ashwin and Jadeja are celebrated for their ability to dominate batsmen, these instances of conceding substantial runs underline the unpredictable nature of Test cricket. Even the best can face challenges, adding an intriguing dimension to the legacy of these spin maestros.

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