Joe Root in Tests

Joe Root The Leading Run-Scorer Against India in Tests

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In a remarkable feat Joe Root has surpassed Ricky Ponting to become the leading run-scorer against India in Test matches. Root consistent performances have not only elevated him to the top of the list but have also underscored his prowess as one of the premier batsmen in contemporary Test cricket.

Joe Root in Tests
  • Runs Scored: 2557
  • Innings: 47
  • Average: 60.88
  • Notable Innings: Root achieved this milestone with remarkable consistency, averaging over 60 runs per innings against the formidable Indian bowling attack.
  • Previous Record Holder: Ricky Ponting with 2555 runs in 51 innings.
  • Joe Root stellar performances have not only overtaken Ponting but have done so in fewer innings, showcasing his impact.
  • Alastair Cook, another English stalwart, sits in the third position with 2431 runs in 54 innings, emphasizing England’s historical battles against India.
  • The ongoing World Test Championship (WTC) spanning from 2023 to 2025 has provided an additional context to individual milestones.
  • Root consistent run-scoring against India contributes significantly to England’s campaign in the WTC.
  • Root prolific run-scoring is not only a personal achievement but also crucial for England’s success in the Test arena.
  • His ability to anchor the innings and convert starts into big scores has been instrumental in setting competitive totals.
  • Root feat goes beyond the record books; it signifies his adaptability, technique, and mental strength in facing one of the toughest challenges in Test cricket.
Joe Root25574760.88
Ricky Ponting25555154.36
Alastair Cook24315447.66

Joe Root achievement in becoming the leading run-scorer against India in Tests not only adds a significant feather to his cap but also cements his legacy as one of the premier batsmen of his generation. As the World Test Championship unfolds, Root’s form becomes even more critical, and his ability to navigate the challenges posed by the Indian bowling attack will be a key factor in England’s pursuit of success in the championship.