Top Run Scorers in the Ongoing IND-ENG Test Series

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The Test series between India and England has been a rollercoaster ride of cricketing action, filled with moments of brilliance and intense competition. Amidst the battles on the field, several batsmen have stood out with their exceptional performances, accumulating runs and making significant contributions to their respective teams. Here’s a closer look at the top run scorers in the ongoing IND-ENG Test series.

IND-ENG Test Series

Yashasvi Jaiswal

  • Total Runs: 321
  • Jaiswal’s remarkable consistency with the bat has been a driving force for India in the series.
  • His ability to anchor the innings and convert starts into big scores has been instrumental.
  • Jaiswal’s aggressive approach against the English bowling attack has kept India in commanding positions.

Ollie Pope

  • Total Runs: 243
  • Pope has been a standout performer for England, showcasing resilience and determination with the bat.
  • His elegant stroke play and solid technique have troubled the Indian bowlers consistently.
  • Pope’s ability to counterattack and build crucial partnerships has been crucial for England’s fightback in the series.

Zak Crawley

  • Total Runs: 200
  • Crawley’s contributions with the bat have provided stability to the English batting lineup.
  • His aggressive batting style and ability to score runs quickly have kept England in contention.
  • Crawley’s innings have often set the platform for England’s middle order to capitalize on.

Shubman Gill

  • Total Runs: 161
  • Gill’s elegant stroke play and composure at the crease have been a treat to watch.
  • Despite facing challenging conditions, Gill has managed to score crucial runs for India.
  • His ability to handle the swing and seam of the English pacers has been commendable.

Ben Stokes

  • Total Runs: 134
  • Stokes, the talismanic all-rounder for England, has contributed with both bat and ball.
  • His aggressive batting style and ability to counterattack have been vital for England.
  • Stokes’ valuable contributions lower down the order have often rescued England from precarious situations.

Axar Patel

  • Total Runs: 133
  • Patel’s all-round abilities have been on display in the series, making valuable contributions with both bat and ball.
  • His lower-order batting has added depth to India’s lineup and helped them post competitive totals.
  • Patel’s ability to score quick runs and provide breakthroughs with the ball has been crucial for India.

Summary Table

PlayerTotal Runs
Yashasvi Jaiswal321
Ollie Pope243
Zak Crawley200
Shubman Gill161
Ben Stokes134
Axar Patel133

These top run scorers have played pivotal roles in shaping the narrative of the IND-ENG Test series, captivating cricket fans with their exceptional skills and determination. As the series progresses, all eyes will be on these batsmen to continue their prolific run-scoring and lead their teams to success.

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