Controversial Third Umpire Decisions in IPL 2024

Controversial Third Umpire Decisions in IPL 2024

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The Indian Premier League (IPL) has long been celebrated for its high-octane cricketing action, bringing together some of the world’s best cricketers for a thrilling competition. However, the 2024 season has witnessed a series of controversial decisions from the third umpire that have left fans and players questioning the integrity of the review process.

The Role of the Third Umpire

In cricket, the third umpire plays a critical role in reviewing on-field decisions made by the standing umpires. Using technology like Hawk-Eye, UltraEdge, and Snickometer, the third umpire helps determine close calls related to boundaries, run-outs, and the legitimacy of deliveries. The objective is to ensure fairness and accuracy in the game, but this season, the system’s reliability has come under scrutiny.

Controversial Decisions

Throughout various critical matches in IPL 2024, both fans and analysts have noticed multiple occasions where the third umpire’s calls seemed questionable.

  1. Wide Ball Confusion: In a crucial match, a fair delivery was inexplicably called a wide, gifting an extra run to the batting team. The replays showed that the ball was within the acceptable range, raising questions about the third umpire’s judgment. (CSK Batting)
  2. Wide Delivery Turned Fair: In another match, a delivery that appeared clearly wide on replay was ruled as fair by the third umpire, leading to a critical wicket. The inconsistency between the call and the visual evidence left fans bewildered. (SRH Batting)
  3. Virat Kohli No Ball
  4. Spin Bowlers No Ball
  5. RCB Boundaries Controversy
  6. Some even for Wicket!

Impact on the IPL

The questionable decisions have had a significant impact on the outcomes of several matches, leading to intense debates among fans, players, and cricket experts. Some argue that these inconsistencies undermine the credibility of the IPL and erode the trust that fans place in the review system.

Addressing the Controversy

The IPL governing body has acknowledged the concerns and promised a thorough investigation into the matter. They have stated that steps will be taken to improve the accuracy and consistency of third umpire decisions, including additional training for umpires and better use of technology. This response aims to restore confidence in the review process and ensure a level playing field for all teams.


The IPL 2024 season has been marred by controversial third umpire decisions that have favored certain teams, leading to doubts about the fairness of the review system. While technology plays a crucial role in modern cricket, human error and interpretation can still lead to discrepancies. As the IPL seeks to address these issues, fans and players hope for a more transparent and accurate process in future matches.