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Punjab vs Kolkata set new world record in IPL and T20 History

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The IPL 2024 T20 series is turning out to be an absolute treat for Indian cricket fans this summer. The 42nd league match, held on April 26, was nothing short of a cricketing extravaganza, with Kolkata setting a massive target of 262 runs in 20 overs while batting first.

Phil Salt (75) and Sunil (71) were the highest scorers for Kolkata, setting a daunting task for Punjab. However, Punjab showed their mettle by responding in an equally aggressive manner. Opening batsman Prabsimran Singh set the tone with a blistering 54 off just 20 balls, laying the groundwork for Punjab’s remarkable chase.

The real show, however, came from Jonny Bairstow, who unleashed an onslaught, scoring an unbeaten 108 off just 48 balls, including 8 fours and an astounding 9 sixes. His ferocious batting paved the way for Punjab’s victory, as they chased down the target in just 18.4 overs.

In this high-scoring encounter, Punjab not only secured a memorable victory but also etched their names in the record books. They broke South Africa’s record for the highest successful run chase in T20 cricket and set a new world record for the most sixes in a single match in IPL history.

The Punjab batsmen were in a league of their own, hitting a total of 24 sixes in the match. Prab Simran Singh contributed 5, Bairstow hammered 9, Riley Roseau added 2, and Sasang Singh smashed 8 sixes to power Punjab to victory.

This match also saw Kolkata putting up a strong fight, hitting a total of 18 sixes. The combined effort of both teams resulted in a staggering 42 sixes in the match, setting a new world record for the most sixes hit in a T20 match.

Here’s a list of matches with the most sixes in T20 cricket:

  1. 42: Punjab – Kolkata, Kolkata, IPL 2024
  2. 38: Hyderabad – Mumbai, Hyderabad, IPL 2024
  3. 38: Hyderabad – Bengaluru, Bengaluru, IPL 2024
  4. 37: Falk Legends – Kabul Jawaan, Sharjah, APL 2018/19

The Punjab-Kolkata match will be remembered as one of the most thrilling encounters in the history of T20 cricket, with both teams putting on a spectacular display of power-hitting and rewriting the record books in the process.