Gautam Gambhir Reveals Shah Rukh Khan IPL

Gautam Gambhir Reveals Shah Rukh Khan Support During Rough Patch in IPL

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Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) mentor Gautam Gambhir recently shed light on the unwavering support he received from Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan during a rough phase in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Speaking about his stint as KKR captain, Gambhir revealed that Khan’s support played a crucial role in his journey with the team.

“I couldn’t score one run in four games. I’ve said it numerous times; I think he is the best owner I’ve worked with. It’s not because I’m now part of KKR or I was part of KKR,” Gambhir said while speaking at the KKR Knights Dugout Podcast.

Gambhir recalled a time when his performance had hit a low and he contemplated dropping himself from the team. However, Shah Rukh Khan intervened and encouraged him to stay on.

“That time also we had the conversation because I was on the verge of dropping myself. The only thing he told me was till you’re here, you are not going to drop yourself,” Gambhir revealed.

Despite being a high achiever himself, Khan never questioned Gambhir’s decisions as captain. “Imagine someone, as an owner who himself has been such a big achiever, not even talking about cricket or asking you a single thing about your decision making. I’m not saying I made all the right decisions. But he never questioned my decisions, that’s the trust he had in me,” Gambhir added.

Sunil Narine: The Best Bowler in IPL History

Speaking about KKR’s current performance in IPL 2024, Gambhir praised opener Sunil Narine, hailing him as the best bowler in IPL history. Narine has been exceptional this season, having even scored one of the few centuries so far.

“I must have faced seven or eight deliveries and I thought this is the guy who is going to go out there and become the legend of the game, especially in T20 cricket. See where Sunil Narine is now? Probably the greatest bowler in IPL history,” Gambhir remarked.

Narine consistent performance has undoubtedly played a significant role in KKR’s success in the IPL, and Gambhir’s words of praise further solidify the spinner’s stature in the league.