IPL Match 25: MI vs RCB Player of the Match Winner Jasprit Bumrah

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MI vs RCB Player of the Match Winner Jasprit Bumrah – Bumrah’s Fiery Fifer, A Masterclass in Fast Bowling: “He has been the difference in the two innings,” du Plessis said of Bumrah.

“If you look at the way the teams bowled, I think we put them under pressure as well in terms of their bowlers, but the one guy, being out there myself, every time you see him get the ball in his hands, you feel like you want to put him under pressure, but the variety in his skillset makes it so hard.

Jasprit Bumrah is the player of the match: Very happy with the outcome. I will never say I wanted to take a five-for. The wicket was sticky and I am very happy with the contribution. In this format it is very harsh for the bowlers. I try to not be a one-trick pony, I have worked on this early in the career. People start to line you up. I want to have different skills. Bowling is tough, because you will have to take a beating. When things have not worked out for me the next day I have seen the videos and analyzed what did not work. Preparation is always the key. Important to keep pushing yourself before a game. It is not a one-trick pony. You don’t always have to bowl a yorker, sometimes you bowl a yorker, sometimes short ball. There is no ego in this format. You can bowl145, but sometimes it is important to bowl slower balls.


In the pulsating world of cricket, where batsmen often steal the limelight with their explosive strokes and towering sixes, it’s the rare gems of bowling brilliance that truly captivate the audience. Jasprit Bumrah, the lynchpin of Mumbai’s bowling arsenal, recently showcased his mastery with a spectacular fifer, leaving fans and pundits alike in awe of his craft.

The stage was set, the pressure was palpable, and Bumrah stepped up to the challenge with unwavering determination. His performance wasn’t just about rattling the stumps or inducing edges; it was a symphony of skill, strategy, and sheer brilliance.

Wicket NumberBatterFielder (Caught)Bowler
1Virat KohliIshan KishanBumrah
2Faf du PlessisTim DavidBumrah
4Saurav ChauhanAkash MadhwalBumrah
5Vijaykumar VyshakNabiBumrah
MI vs RCB Player of the Match Winner Jasprit Bumrah

The first victim of Bumrah’s relentless onslaught was none other than the formidable Virat Kohli, the epitome of batting excellence. With his trademark slingy action and pinpoint accuracy, Bumrah enticed Kohli into a false stroke, inducing an edge that nestled safely into the gloves of the wicketkeeper. It was a moment of sheer jubilation for Bumrah and a pivotal breakthrough for his team.

But Bumrah wasn’t content with just one scalp. He hungered for more, relentlessly probing the defenses of the opposition batsmen. With his lethal yorkers, deceptive slower balls, and subtle variations in pace, he continued to torment the batting lineup.

Next in line was the seasoned campaigner, Faf du Plessis, who found himself at the mercy of Bumrah’s guile. A mistimed shot off a full toss resulted in a simple catch for the fielder stationed at long-on. Bumrah’s ability to outthink his opponents and induce errors under pressure was on full display, earning him yet another crucial breakthrough.

But Bumrah wasn’t done yet. With the precision of a surgeon, he unleashed a toe-crushing yorker that shattered the stumps of the incoming batsman, leaving him bewildered and the crowd in raptures. It was a sight to behold, a testament to Bumrah’s mastery over the craft of fast bowling.

As the innings progressed, Bumrah’s insatiable hunger for wickets remained undiminished. Saurav Chauhan fell victim to his relentless accuracy, top-edging a ferocious bouncer straight into the waiting hands of the fielder at mid-wicket. The roar of the crowd reverberated around the stadium, acknowledging the brilliance of their bowling maestro.

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