Hardik Pandya backlash Rohit Sharma

Hardik Pandya faces backlash for sidelining player who listened to Rohit Sharma

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Ever since Mumbai Indians replaced Rohit Sharma with Hardik Pandya as the new captain ahead of the ongoing 17th edition of the IPL, discussions have been rife on social media. The atmosphere is charged, with fans both on social media and in the stadiums showing support for Rohit Sharma and expressing their dissatisfaction with Pandya’s leadership.

The impact of this unrest is evident in Mumbai Indians’ performance, as they find themselves in the eighth position with just three wins and 6 points in the ongoing series. Mumbai Indians, known for their ability to make a comeback after a slow start and go on to win the trophy, are currently struggling to find their rhythm.

Amidst this turmoil, details about Hardik Pandya’s actions are surfacing, inviting criticism from all quarters. One such piece of information that has sparked debate among fans is Pandya’s alleged deliberate sidelining of young fast bowler Akash Madwal, who is part of the Mumbai Indians team.

The controversy stems from an incident during a thrilling match against Punjab, where Mumbai Indians needed 11 runs to win in the last over. Akash Madwal, the young fast bowler, went to Rohit Sharma and offered his advice. Heeding Rohit Sharma’s instructions, instead of Pandya’s, he managed to secure a win for the Mumbai team in the very first ball of that over.

However, despite his crucial contribution, Akash Madwal has been left out of the Mumbai Indians’ playing XI in the last two matches following that victory. Fans are quick to point out that Pandya’s decision to sideline Madwal is a result of his loyalty to Rohit Sharma. They argue that a player like Akash Madwal, working alongside Jasprit Bumrah, could make a significant impact on the team’s performance.

This controversy adds another layer of complexity to Mumbai Indians’ already challenging season. As the team strives to regain its winning form, the internal dynamics and leadership decisions are under intense scrutiny. Whether Pandya’s actions will pay off in the long run or further exacerbate the team’s woes remains to be seen.

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