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Oman National Day 2021
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Oman National Day 2021: Today’s Doodle celebrates Oman National Day in commemoration of the day Omani forces secured the country’s independence from Portuguese. Across the country, from the capital city of Muscat in the east to the villages of the Dhofar region in the west, today’s Omanis celebrates the national day. Oman to mark 51st national day with pared-back celebrations

Oman National Day Doodle: Google Celebrates Oman National Day 2021 with special doodle on today. On this day, Oman is celebrating their National Day 2021 on Thursday, 18 November. Google is waving the Omani flag through an animated doodle on Thursday, in celebration of the Gulf country’s National Day. Google celebrates Oman National Day with a doodle with Oman Flag on it.

Oman Country in the Middle East. officially the Sultanate of Oman (Arabic: سلْطنةُ عُمان‎ Salṭanat(u) ʻUmān). Oman, country occupying the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula at the confluence of the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea. National Day is an official holiday in the Sultanate of Oman and the main one in the country. The holiday currently celebrates the birthday of Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said, who reigned from 1970 to 2020.

On the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, citizens and residents across Oman celebrate its National Day every November 18 for a two-day period. On this day in 1650, foreign powers were driven from the shores of Oman’s trading ports, which were exploited to support trade routes to India.

Oman National Day 2021

One of the oldest independent Arab nation, Omanis takes pride in its National Day celebrations with many traditional Gulf Region Arab customs. Typically, camel racers gather from across the country to compete in the annual National Day race, an essential element of Omani heritage that traces back centuries. Both private residences and public buildings are adorned with the national colors of green, white, and red, which are featured prominently on the Oman flag in today’s Doodle artwork. 

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To celebrate, Islamic musicians and dancers in cities across Oman put on folkloric performances, symbolizing the nation’s past. Historically played after long voyages or extended conflicts, several genres of Omani music draw inspiration from maritime history, alluding to the anniversary of liberation in the nation’s 17th century ports. Celebrate with Omani Mandi and Kunafa, and other arabic sweets they make in the tent.

Oman’s National Day is November 18th. This date celebrates independence from Portugal control in 1650. This holiday is the start of a two-day break.

51st National Day Logo Revealed

Oman unveils logo to mark 51st National Day, The logo symbolizes that Oman is moving forward towards progress with the help of its people.

Muscat: The logo of the 51st National Day of the Renaissance was launched on Monday, November 1, 2021. – Source: Times of oman. “The Ministry of Information launches the logo of the 51st National Day of the Renaissance, which symbolises that Oman is moving forward towards progress with the help of its people,” the Ministry said in a statement.

When is Oman National Day?

Oman’s National Day is November 18th. On this date, Oman celebrates independence from Portugal control in the year of 1650. This holiday is the start of a two-day break with holiday, as November 19th is also a public holiday to mark the birthday of the Sultan of Oman, Qaboos bin Said al Said. If either of these days falls on a weekend, a substitute day may be observed.

According to Royal Decree No. 27/2006, the actual dates of the holidays for the National Day may be modified to suit the public interest and in recent years both public holidays have been delayed until the end of November.

National Day events include plenty of parades, fireworks, camel races, events, local festival, and a military program.

Happy National Day, Oman! 

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